20. June 2015

Despamming versus assassinating spam


Free software tools for ensuring email security and managing spam are good and self-managing, but they can be difficult to set up. This was proven by a  recent prod to investigate options.

Edited, September 2016 - I have reluctantly reverted to other anti-spam systems.  Debian have stopped providing dspam, although there is a more recent version than the last packaged version. Worse, the version that is packaged for the Raspberry Pi, which has most to gain from dspam, does not work. This is a great pity, as dspam, for the 15 months I have used it, is accurate (96.20%), lightning fast, and uses very few resources.

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17. April 2015

Off-grid power update - phase 2 - solar power


In spite of being so far north, we get a lot of power from the sun... except in winter

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7. April 2015

Off-grid power update - phase 1 - the wind turbine



The cost of a mains power connection makes continuing to live off-grid attractive

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18. February 2015

Linux file systems I have known

Benchmarks are one thing, experience and preference another

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6. October 2014

In 3-2-1, that's the end of 123

Lotus 123, the spreadsheet that was part of the PC computing revolution, has finally gone to software heaven

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23. September 2014

The Aftermath of the Referendum

Coming to terms with living in a continuing colony

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23. August 2014

A Pi all to yourself

Providing your own internet or "cloud" service keeps you safer and your online life more secure. What's more, it can be done very cheaply

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20. July 2014

The Wrens have fledged


The wrens who nested in a hank of yarn in a drying tent have successfully fledged

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17. July 2014

The Woolly Wren Nest


The life and times of a busy wren parent and chicks sharing human space

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16. July 2014

Dipping in to the democratic process

Make use of democracy while you can

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13. July 2014

Me, Linux and Linux distributions over the years

From tooth-cutting to the development of the propeller-head, and then to normality

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4. June 2014

Little things


Taking the time to stand and stare

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1. May 2014

Running the RaspberryPi from a USB disk

Minimal boot from the SD card, then run on conventional disk

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27. April 2014

Spring - a walk around Eadar a' Chalda is needed

TinSlave-165457-22082013.jpg A wonderful area in the limestone corridor of Assynt, often missed by tourists whose eyes are fixed on the nearby Ardvreck Castle

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20. April 2014

The independence referendum

A personal take on the referendum regarding Scottish Independence.

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4. April 2014

What? Good after sales service in this day and age?

Amazingly good service from Lenovo

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20. March 2014

The MOT - the good, the bad and the confusing


Mostly the confusing - the annual car tests can be a stressful time

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9. March 2014

Back home with XFCE4

Small is beautiful, less is more

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7. March 2014

Robert Burns' "elder brother in the muse"


The appeal of Robert Ferguson

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4. March 2014

Moon, waxing, crescent - but how does it feel

Musings on the new moon

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