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21. September 2019

Peggy - 2003-2018

The life and times of a full-of-life Yorkie

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30. March 2017

A little dab in the wrong plaice makes you wonder...

Flying fish in the hills of Assynt

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The Queen's Mite

Finding and photographing a bumble bee loaded with mites

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20. July 2014

The Wrens have fledged


The wrens who nested in a hank of yarn in a drying tent have successfully fledged

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17. July 2014

The Woolly Wren Nest


The life and times of a busy wren parent and chicks sharing human space

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27. February 2014

The grand scheme of things


We have hens, and we also like feeding the wild birds.  But there are flocks of rock doves in the area, and they will vacuum up any food they can get.  Sometimes the scene when they descend is rather too Hitchcockian for my taste.  But of course, you become a cog in the entire food chain by feeding  […]

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The Great Hospital Event of 2013


Edit: Proofreading is never a strong point, but I have intentionally left all the typos in this piece, as it was written when my hand was in plaster, and the typos represent an additional reminder to me of the experience documented here.

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