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16. October 2018

Revisiting server-based antispam with Bogofilter

Some simple maintenance makes life interesting, but simplicity saves the day

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2. October 2018

Latest update - off-grid Linux IT services

The latest (October 2018) update on hardware and software choices when your power supply is limited

This is a technical blog post which may not be of general interest, and assumes a certain level of technical understanding

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5. February 2018

Raspberry Pi home server - setting up OpenDKIM with postfix

Some vague notes about setting up openDKIM against multiple domains on a single instance, all domains using one key.

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23. August 2017

Lightweight anti-spam alternative for small servers

Spamassassin may be the standard anti-spam utility for servers, but it can't be considered to be either fast or low on resources.  Bogofilter may offer some advantages, but unlike spamassassin, tutorials and how-to's are thin on the ground

Warning: this is a technical post, full of jargon and an expectation that it will be read by system administrators, so may not be of interest to all readers.

Integrating postfix, dovecot and bogofilter on a Raspberry Pi.

Edit: Some months have passed since installing bogofilter.  It is not as fast as a daemon, but not as slow as spamassassin, either.  As expected, it has taken a couple of months to build up accuracy, but the system is excellent, and now reliably marks some spam that always got through spamassassin. This seems a good way forward for lightweight email systems.

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16. July 2017

The Calendar Hokey Cokey

A problem with the Nextcloud calendar can be resolved with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, thanks to standards

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1. October 2016

Serving up some Pi

You really can run on a Raspberry Pi

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9. April 2016

The Silver Darling - When you need a good Linux laptop


The Entroware Apollo laptop is a good option to be sure that new hardware runs well with Linux, and the system itself is good. But the process of buying a Linux laptop could be more straight forward.

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20. June 2015

Despamming versus assassinating spam


Free software tools for ensuring email security and managing spam are good and self-managing, but they can be difficult to set up. This was proven by a  recent prod to investigate options.

Edited, September 2016 - I have reluctantly reverted to other anti-spam systems.  Debian have stopped providing dspam, although there is a more recent version than the last packaged version. Worse, the version that is packaged for the Raspberry Pi, which has most to gain from dspam, does not work. This is a great pity, as dspam, for the 15 months I have used it, is accurate (96.20%), lightning fast, and uses very few resources.

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18. February 2015

Linux file systems I have known

Benchmarks are one thing, experience and preference another

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23. August 2014

A Pi all to yourself

Providing your own internet or "cloud" service keeps you safer and your online life more secure. What's more, it can be done very cheaply

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13. July 2014

Me, Linux and Linux distributions over the years

From tooth-cutting to the development of the propeller-head, and then to normality

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1. May 2014

Running the RaspberryPi from a USB disk

Minimal boot from the SD card, then run on conventional disk

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4. April 2014

What? Good after sales service in this day and age?

Amazingly good service from Lenovo

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9. March 2014

Back home with XFCE4

Small is beautiful, less is more

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28. February 2014

Getting to grips with KDE

An XFCE4 exile's story

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26. February 2014

Owncloud sync client on OpenSUSE 13.1

I've been using my Samsung Android tablet to take photographs of a few things I need documented, and find that the useful owncloud client on Android conveniently uploads pictures that I've taken to my Owncloud server.  Usually I simply use webdav to retrieve Owncloud files, but when you want to  […]

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