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There is a fascinating archaeological underwater project under way at the moment, run by Wessex Archaeology, the SAMPHIRE project.  Details can be obtained here -  Having met the team at a communication event in Drumbeg a while ago, it was delightful to get an email from John McCarthy to say that the project would donate a copy of the report on a local dive, following information received from local divers, for inclusion in the Assynt Community Digital Archive.

Several aspects of this are significant:  One is that someone outwith Assynt recognises the importance of the Archive and is willing to make this contribution.  Another is that this is contemporary information (though it may deal with an historical event - we'll have to wait to see) and such contemporary information is just as important as historical collections when one imagines community archives.  And finally, the presence of the Archive provides a natural repository for information that risks simply ending up in a box file on a shelf, perhaps not quite so bad in this case, but the point remains.

It's a generous offer from John and will be well received.

The Assynt Learning Centre has very pro-actively been running a series of courses for older folk to get the most out of their computers, and to promote understanding of digital technologies.  Part of this has been to create digital content, with the course participants keen to allow their views and comments to be held in the community digital archive.  As promised in an earlier post, permission has been obtained to post an example of the resulting video snippets here.  The archive holds both a copy of the photograph being discussed and the video discussion.  This is such a wonderful way to add meaning to photos, it is hoped to do more of this in future.